Wednesday, June 14, 2017

S.A.M.’s Way of Getting Kids to Learn and Love Math

Filipino kids are no different from their peers in many parts of the world who feel intimidated by math. As it is an exact science, there is no way to go around it but face it head on. But Filipino kids can now tackle math problems with relative ease - with the entry of Seriously Addictive Mathematics or S.A.M. into the local scene.

Founded in 2010 by Samuel Chia and Lau Chin Loong, S.A.M is a multi-awarded international Singapore math enrichment program trusted by thousands of parents in 16 countries all over the world. A graduate of the National Institute of Education in Singapore, Chin Loong created the curriculum of S.A.M. and consulted Marshall Cavendish, a provider for academic resources and publishing company of some of the Singapore Math textbooks used in the Philippines, to ensure that kids receive world class materials. Enrich Asia was the one who brought S.A.M. here in the Philippines, after searching the globe for the best educational program that will be useful to kids.

Many children are usually intimidated when a new method of instruction is presented to them. But the people behind S.A.M. can vouch for how effective the program is vis-a-vis traditional math.

S.A.M. is unique because it does not spoon feed a child. In contrast, S.A.M. inculcates independent learning, diligence and discipline as it harps on conceptual understanding and critical thinking. Traditional math, on the other hand, focuses on memorization or repetition of formulas. With problem solving at the core of S.A.M.’s teachings, the program does not just aim to acquire and apply math concepts and skills, it also helps a child resolve non-routinary, open-ended and real-life situations.
In Traditional Math, children are usually taught the hows- like how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. With S.A.M., what they are taught are the whys before the hows. It explains to the child first why there is a need to “carry” in addition or why there is a need to “borrow” in subtraction.

Traditional math also immediately tackles abstract ideas- using symbols and jargons while S.A.M. moves from a concrete then to a visual and pictorial presentation of concepts before getting into abstractions. The program Filipino kids have grown accustomed to focuses on mathematical procedures and formulas. S.A.M., on the other hand, zeroes in on conceptual understanding of topics so students would know how the procedures came to be which is needed to help them discover the formulas on their own. In conventional math, pure equations are used to solve word problems. In S.A.M. the bar-model approach is employed. This allows a student to develop their visualization skills which they would need in solving complex word problems without using algebra.

The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified S.A.M Trainers, engages students with dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement. The idea is to make learning fun and memorable through an array of interactive experiences. During this engagement time, S.A.M.’s trainers also take the opportunity to evaluate how the student is coping with his work, his rate of progress and his level of motivation. By assessing each and every student’s learning ability, the trainer can adjust their mentoring approach to suit the needs of the student- so the pace is neither too fast nor too slow. Each student receives a personalized learning plan so that the student can learn at his or her own pace and ability. S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instill Mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate the right learning attitude and self-discipline in them, in preparation for their future.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


The 5th Edition of the Philippine Insurance Code Annotated by underwriting consultant Lohel A. Martirez is now available!

The work is based on the Philippine Insurance Code (Presidential Decree No. 612) which was extensively amended by Republic Act no. 10607--- and includes universally accepted insurance principlesin Life & Non-Life, leading decided cases, and good customs of the industry.

Carefully selected reference materials from various sources both here and abroad were studied and explained, in a manner and style understood on first reading.

Martirez has served the insurance industry for more than five decades in various capacities both in the home offices and the field, as Executive Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer and other previous managerial positions. He was also Annotator of the Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA); Court of Appeals Reports Annotated (CARA); Philippine Reports Annotated (PRA); and as Editorial Staff Member of the Supreme Court Decided Cases Quick Index Digest. All his works are published and distributed by Central Book Supply, Inc. nationwide.

To order a copy, you may contact Central Books at tel. no. (02) 372-3550 loc. 31 or email

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Silang, Cavite witnessed the rise of yet another commercial triumph at the grand opening of the second Matt Mason Furniture branch located along Aguinaldo highway last 31 March. The event proved to be a rousing success coupled with the unveiling of the brand’s 2017 furniture collection and the launching of the 2017 edition of the Modern Movables Magazine.

“My vision for the collection was for it to be something classic and can seamlessly blend with nature. Natural elements such as exposed wooden frames in sofas provide a balance and effortless character to my furniture," said Mike Yu, owner of Matt Mason at the grand opening of his showroom.

The event was also graced by several Filipino artists Nikulas Lebajo, Lerma Julian and Owie Chiong -- whose commissioned artworks provided a stunning accent to each piece of the furniture collection. Beautifully curated pieces from Pizzaro and Conmigo also starred in the show.

“It’s definitely surreal to be a part of this growing brand, it never ceases to astonish. I look forward to seeing Matt Mason live up to its full potential,” according to Julian.

The first Matt Mason Furniture showroom in Silang, Cavite situated along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa road opened back in 2014 and has gone through a transformation that can only be described as having revolutionized bespoke furniture-making in the area.

"We're trying to evolve the brand to a point where it can compete globally. Perhaps what’s most distinctive with Matt Mason is that we can do a whole range of furniture designs that we can customize to suit the discerning and dynamic tastes of our clientele. Our edge right now is we don't constrain ourselves with just one design- it’s universal,” Yu said.

Apart from a unique design aesthetic, the brand also sets itself apart when it comes to their philosophy that longevity and durability must be a primary consideration in furniture making.

"When I design the furniture, I don’t just look at the design - it must also be sturdy and durable. I want to be able to make furniture that you can pass on to your descendants. That's why our tagline is 'Designed for Life,' "he said.

Despite being one step ahead of the local competition, Yu sees a road of challenges for the Matt Mason furniture brand as it sets its sights on the international arena.

“I think the biggest question now is how do we make unique designs that are also universally appealing? We know that even with the positive feedback from our clientele we simply cannot rest on our laurels and become complacent - we must continually challenge ourselves and the brand to grow, evolve, and stay responsive to the demands of our market,” he added.

Matt Mason furniture sees itself taking its expansion project to the seat of Europe’s vibrant furniture scene that is Copenhagen, Denmark. "Matt Mason is a local brand but we are trying to make it global. With all our clients’ patronage and support for the brand, I certainly hope we’ll be able to make it in a few years’ time," he ended.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Midea and Solane to bring more cooking at home

Midea, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, took part in Solane’s Dealers’ Convention held at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Midea has been providing Filipino households with home solutions that are surprisingly friendly and convenient. Solane, on the other hand, has always been a household name for a long time and it has provided many Filipino homes the enjoyment of having to cook their meals for the whole family.

At the event, Midea gave raffle prizes— an Induction Cooker, a 20L Digital Microwave Oven, and a 20L Manual Microwave Oven— to Solane dealers and distributors. The two brands have sealed a promo partnership that every household would enjoy. Midea recently added a new product to their lineup of kitchen appliances that could make any home a center for feasts and many other gatherings. They have 3 new gas range models that are meant to bring out the chef in every family member.

Midea has two 50cm gas ranges –one with 4 gas burners and a 58L oven, like drum cymbals check it out at GuitarCenter, and another that has 3 gas burners, a hotplate, and a 58L oven. The last one is a 60cm gas range with 4 gas burners and a 65L oven. Anyone in the family who loves to cook and bake will enjoy this gas efficient and stylish gas range in their kitchens. Filipinos are known for the heavy loads they put on their gas ranges whenever they have a gathering or a party, Midea ensures that their gas ranges have the durability to withstand the test of Filipino-style cooking.

One of their models, which has the hotplate, is ever ready whenever you run out of cooking gas. This hotplate allows consumers to cook their meals just by using electricity, and knowing that it is made by Midea, they can be sure that it will not cost much on their electric bill. And with Midea and Solane working hand in hand in giving Filipinos more enjoyment in cooking, the two have partnered for a promo that would provide families with more gas to use in cooking.

For every purchase of one of Midea’s new gas ranges, the customers could get a gift cheque that gives them one free Solane gas tank, which they can claim from any registered Solane outlets or distributors.
Now more families can enjoy more cooking at home and more feasts for their friends and loved ones. The promo will run later in March.
For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page MideaPhilippines.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A more harmonious home for the New Year

At the start of the year, one of the most common things people would want to do is make a promise, a resolution that they would have to do to make better versions of their lives and of themselves. Some make a list of things they would want to do and several goals they would want to achieve, while others are taking it one resolution at a time, fulfilling the most feasible goals before moving up to those bigger ones.
Having and maintaining a more harmonious home is most definitely one of those things that most people would want. The world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea has a number of home solutions that could make any home chore easier for everybody. And they have appliances that could suit the need of homes in all shapes and sizes. These include homes of young professionals living independently in their condominium units, quiet abodes of families growing their nests in gated communities, and large vacation homes in the country side. A yuppie who is doing pretty well on his career and would want to make his new flat a more livable space could choose from a number of small appliances from Midea. The Induction Cooker is perfect for the condo unit. It is safe with its flameless heating and Auto Safety shut off feature which automatically cools off the cooker. It cooks 40% faster than a conventional electric stove and this Quick Cooking locks in the nutrients in the food for a heathier cooking. It also saves 37% on electrical consumption compared to other conventional electric stoves, which is very friendly to one’s budget. A couple with a growing family would definitely need some help with some of their chores, most especially with laundry. Midea has the Full Auto Washing Machine that washes clothes with just a push of a button, but only spending just Php 1 for a complete wash, rinse, and dry cycle. This would be very helpful for homemakers who have kids to look out for, along with a ton of wash loads to attend to, because they don’t need to worry much anymore. The Smart Sensors in Midea’s Full Auto Washing Machine set the right amount of water and right amount of time of washing based on the laundry load, which makes it easier to use and results to saving 37% on water consumption. Bigger homes or vacation homes in the country side may also need home solutions that would make living more comfortable, complementing the tranquility of the rural environment. A good warm shower can definitely ease up some stress and tension from the body. A Midea Water Heater will be a perfect addition to any vacation home in the province. It has a Quick Warm Heating Element that instantly heats water at a preferred temperature that gives instant comfort in seconds. Its Safety Sensors ensure not only the comfort in taking a shower but also the safety in their use. All of these home solutions from Midea are just a few of the numerous products they have in their lineup. Homemakers and single individuals building their homes could find other appliances from Midea that suit the needs of their home, or watch out for the latest they would offer. By having home solutions from Midea, people who are living in their own preferred and dream spaces, may it be big or small, will feel positive changes in how they live their everyday lives— having more time for themselves and the family, without the usual stress. For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

Friday, January 13, 2017

Look good with fairer, supple skin at any age

There is perhaps one thing agreed upon by everyone in the world, and that is we all want to live a long healthy life, while looking good at the same time. Many people say that age is just a number, and that can only be true if you feel good in and out.

There is no shortcut to staying healthy and looking beautiful, but it is not an impossible task. With proper diet, right amount of sleep, exercise, and health supplements, you are on your way to achieving youthful beauty regardless of your age.

Early this month, a revolutionary beauty supplement was launched at  Shangri-La EDSA, much to the delight of many beauty enthusiasts. The 100% Organic Pearl Coix, a product manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd., has come to give you that supple fair skin you have been longing for. It is sourced from the adlay plant, which has been used for medicinal purposes since the olden times. 

With its pure and potent organic ingredients, it makes the skin smoother, smoother and more radiant.

An avid supporter of organic supplements is TV host, author and beauty pageant titlist Cory Quirino, who talked about wellness during the launch of 100% Organic Pearl Coix. She says we are walking around with three ages: age indicated on your birth certificate, biological age (how healthy are you), and your psycho-social age (how young or old you feel), and it is up to us which age we choose as our own age.

“We can no longer run after time. Time waits for no one. So how do we do it?”

The search for the fountain of youth is a never ending task for the many. Quirino says the existence of the fountain of youth is real, quoting a phrase from the book of Deepak Chopra “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.” “Look to the land where no one is old. It is nowhere but in yourself,” the book says. To feel and look young, Quirino explains that you must start from within.

First, you must let go of stress. “If you address the problem of stress, you can boost the immune system. When you do that, your hormones are up. If you feel good, you will look good. That is a non-negotiable law of wellness,” she says.

Second, choose to be happy and be kind to your body. She says that happiness is connected to a person’s entire composition: body, mind, spirit. “What the brain is thinking will affect the body. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Be thankful for another day because a new ‘today’ is a gift. That is why it is called ‘present.’ Practice the virtue of gratitude. Stop comparing yourself to others. You don’t know what set of problems they have with their own lives,” Quirino relates.

Third, forgive your enemies. “Let go of the excess baggage. When you overburden your body, you also overburden your mind and heart,” she notes.

Lastly, her golden rule in wellness: change your lifestyle and embrace the organic life. In the world of technological breakthrough, traditional health and beauty regimens teach us that going back to basics and sticking to organic ways is better.

“I am so eager and passionate to know about the new things that are discovered, only to realize that the new breakthroughs really are based and founded on old traditions. Adopt organic regimens that can help you from the inside as well. Embrace a wellness lifestyle by being good to yourself today.”

Distributed in the Philippines by BrightRay Enterprises, this product will surely keep you glowing in no time. This ready-to-drink nutraceutical product comes in sachets. Just mix it with water or your favorite beverage and let it do its wonders on your skin.

If you want an all-natural product, like schecter bass, check it out at that can help you achieve that youthful-looking skin, 100% Organic Pearl Coix can be your ally in your quest for beauty. So what are you waiting for? Look radiant, regal and beautiful!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Be a wise spender during the holidays

You just got your much-awaited 13th month pay. You’re happy and very much eager to spend it on some things you’ve been longing to do—or buy—a couple of months earlier.

But hold your horses! As with any other things in this world, money will also disappear and will simply go to waste if you don’t spend it wisely. Temptations abound during the holidays so it’s best to think of ways on how to use your precious 13th month pay efficiently and wisely. You don’t want to end up with an empty wallet right after receiving your bonus, don’t you?

The Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors (PALSCON), the country’s biggest group of service contractors that have provided decent and quality work to many Filipinos, said many fall to their impulses, especially those who will get their 13th month pay the first time. “It’s all about a bit of planning, knowing priorities when it comes to spending. I’ve seen many of our employees who go excited of becoming a ‘one-day millionaire’ once they lay their hands on their money, then feel sad once all of it are gone and they’ll ask themselves ‘what happened there?’” explains Rhoda Caliwara, President of PALSCON.

So it’s really best to sit down and think of what to do first with your bonus while it’s not yet with you, says Caliwara. That way, you’ll have a clear mind of what to do and how to do it when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. In short, plan.

The first thing to do is save, using part of the bounty as part of a savings fund that can hopefully earn enough via time deposits or special investment funds. These funds can help through times when spending on things such as tuition fee payments for the kids or even for a possible business venture.

You can also minimize your debt profile by paying them off, Caliwara said, though not really paying all of it in one go. It’s best to pay it a bit so as not to accrue on interest. It works for those with credit cards who pare down their expenses and at the same time pay their interest on time.
Aside from a possible business venture for those who may have an entrepreneurial mindset, allocating part of the bonus for use in special investment instruments, real-estate or even a family or personal car can be options, but first check if going into these investment choices is feasible given your financial capabilities. Evaluate. Assess. Rethink.

You can even save some of your bonus to build up emergency funds for unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, whether your own or a family member, house repairs after a storm or disaster, or even for fixing your car after a sudden breakdown. There can be lots of other things you can put your saved money to good use. As they say, you can never tell if and when an emergency happens so it’s best to be ready.

But most of all, don’t forget about yourself. You can save some as a personal treat after being hard at work for a year and spending countless hours toiling in labor. You can never be accused of being a spendthrift if you want to enjoy on some things and be pampered. Treat it as a reward so you won’t feel deprived, more of a “me” time when it comes to your hard-earned money. You definitely deserve it.

“At PALSCON, we encourage our members to teach their employees the basics of financial literacy. It’s hard to get a job these days and even harder to earn decent pay so teaching their employees about spending wisely, especially during the holidays, is a good way of showing we care for our employees’ welfare. They should learn to preserve their riches for anything that can happen in the future. It’s all about being prepared—and being wise,” explains Caliwara.

For more about PALSCON, visit or go to their Facebook page, or Twitter,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Last minute Christmas shopping tips

No matter how prepared people are with their shopping list, being caught in the Christmas rush is quite inevitable. People usually have very long lists of items that need to be ticked off and obviously only very little time to do all the shopping because doing it after work only gives just a few hours of mall time.  Also, thinking of what to give to relatives and friends could pose a challenge, because of their varied tastes. To avoid giving similar gifts from the past year, even giving the same thing all over again is one of the most challenging tasks while coming down on ones list too.

Shopping for gifts as early as a few weeks before December helps in trimming down the long list of things to buy. Shopping whenever there is a chance also helps ease some stress before the rush comes in. Another thing that helps is knowing the people on the Christmas list very well, because it would be easier to think of gifts that they really want or need, for work or in their homes. Asking for wish lists is another thing to practice nowadays. The people on the receiving end would feel special and loved after they tear apart the wrappers, revealing something they have been wanting or needing for the longest time.

The worlds leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, Midea suggests some gift ideas that may be options on somebodys Christmas list.  Midea only offers home solutions that make every household task easy and surprisingly user-friendly. Midea has a wide range of appliances that would best fit any holiday kitchen set-up or theme of any home.

The first one on Mideas suggested gift items this Christmas is its Induction Cooker. It fits right for family and friends who are condo-dwellers. It is safe around children with its flameless heating function and Auto Safety shut off feature which automatically cools off the cooker. It cooks 40% faster than a conventional electric stove and this Quick Cooking locks in the nutrients in the food for heathier cooking. It also saves 37% on electrical consumption compared to other conventional electric stoves. It would be great if those who will get this as a gift will cook next years Christmas feast with it.

For those people who are always on the go, it would be beneficial for them to get Mideas lineup of Mechanical and Digital Microwave Ovens as gifts for Christmas. Not only could it cook food in seconds, its quick cooking feature is very health-friendly as it retains most nutrients in food. And at the same time, people consume 10% less fat compare to conventional frying. Mideas microwave ovens are also energy-saving appliances because it only uses up Php 1 worth of electricity for 3 minutes of cooking.

If somebody is feeling more generous, they could give Mideas Digital Multi Cooker / Pressure Cooker as a gift to their relatives or friends who are in love with cooking. It easily cooks all the toughest ingredients to perfection. With its Thermal Circulation Technology, it ensures the even distribution of heat in the pot which cooks every ingredient evenly. Its very user-friendly 12 pre-programmed functions also cut out the work for everyone in a very busy kitchen. It operates with 7 levels of pressure for quick cooking which locks in all the nutrients in the food for heathier eating. And Mideas 10-Dimensional Protection System ensures safety during cooking. It would be a very helpful kitchen help during the Christmas feast and for other celebrations.

Giving gifts that are useful and home-friendly solutions to the people who matter in ones life may be the best thing to offer this season of giving and Midea extends its giving hand to its customers by helping them out this season and for any other occasion.

It is now possible to get these home solutions at their doorsteps. Midea home solutions could be bought online through their retail partners Abensons and Robinsons. This definitely takes away the challenge of lugging items on the way home.

We understand that most of us always get caught up in the Christmas rush, especially when all the bazaars pop up and Christmas sale offers go mad with their prices, Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea said. What we want to gift to our consumers this season is the joy in giving and knowing that they have given a home solution to their loved ones. And I think that makes the gesture more beautiful. Plus, they could shop through the internet which helps them avoid a tedious shopping experience.

For more information on Mideas products check out their website at and Facebook page

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tutuban Center launches Tutuban Center Home Club

Tutuban Center, Manila’s bargain shopping destination, recently established the Tutuban Center Home Club (TC Home Club) as part of its community development activities.

TC Home Club seeks to empower women of today, especially the underprivileged ones living within the Tutuban Center community and nearby cities with little or no education, to gain the confidence of facing challenges in life when raising a family. The club will seek these mothers and reach out to them by providing a venue for trainings and seminars to help them develop and discover specific skills they may have to become a possible source of livelihood.

The 3-hour training sessions started last February 5, 2016 and will run every Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. until March 11, 2016 at the Tutuban Center Food Court located at the 3rd floor of Tutuban Center Centermall and at Tutuban Center TMX exhibition center.

During the initial session, the mothers underwent training sessions to learn how to become a massage therapist, barista, manicurist/pedicurist, haircutter, or even how to make sweet treats like “pastillas.” Training was provided by representatives from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA. Attendees were also handed out TC Home Club shirts, ID cards, and other peripherals, including eco-bags.

Next training sessions will teach women from different backgrounds how to become entrepreneurs, cosmetics/make-up application, even vital tips on parenting and other important topics.

To join TC Home Club, participants must show a Barangay Clearance, ID and duly accomplished TC Home Club registration form at the Tutuban Center Marketing Office located near the Tutuban Center Food Court. Also, this event would not be possible without Smart Communications, Inc., DKT Health, Inc., Torque Philippines, Robinsons Supermarket, Department of Health – Commission on Population, TESDA, Kalye Negosyo and HBC.

“We hope more women will join our training sessions because it will definitely help them be more self-reliant as they face life’s challenges. We invite them to attend because they will definitely learn here. And if these initial sessions prove successful, we can hopefully extend this program for the whole year,” says Ms. Sylvia Tecson, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Tutuban Properties, Inc. (TPI).

Tutuban Center is located along C.M. Recto Avenue in Manila and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 12 midnight. Visit our Facebook page,, follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts @TutubanCenter for more details.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

7 Amazing hotel hacks for a smart traveler

When traveling, it's important that you have to equip yourself with enough knowledge to survive. You don't need McGyver's skills, just use your resourcefulness and these 7 amazing hotel hacks.


#1 Use ANY card to keep the aircon on while you're out of the room

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#2 Body lotion can be a good alternative for shoe polish

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#3 Put phone inside glass for louder alarm

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#4 Charge phone via the television

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#5 Hair conditioner as shaving cream

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#6 For smelly jeans, put it in the freezer overnight

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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#7 For smelly dirty laundry, throw in a scented soap to mask the smell

hotel hacks for a smart traveler
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