Saturday, March 12, 2011


Everyone was really shocked for what happened in Japan yesterday. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered the tsunami that literally ate the whole town. I was so horrified I immediately pick up the phone and called my dear grandma to know if our 2 loved ones in the country are safe. Unfortunately the lines were cut and even she couldn't connect to Japan. I was praying real hard at that time as I was watching the breaking news. Worried for my aunts and worried for the tsunami alert here in the Philippines.

At around 5 pm my Tito called and assured me that the aunts are safe experiencing half of the quake's aftermath. Thank God!

Browsing the facebook, I saw most of the friend's status message saying that Bossing [God] is coming!  The things that we are experiencing now are the signs of the end times. Christians arise. Wake up! There is a vast harvest, God needs workers!


nurseabie said...

What is happening right now are all written in the Bible. Let is just hope things will be okay.

dadedidhodong said...

do you know about this GREGORIAN calendar thing? my classmate shared this story (either true or false) to me that in the near 2012 low lying countries at the pacific ocean will sank down. i don't know how true it is. either way, it gives me a clue that God is really coming so near.

trivia: the 2012 movie was inspired by the GREGORIAN CALENDAR

edad50 said...

I was very scared, too. My eldest daughter and my 3 grand children lives in that city. I am thankful to God that were safe. Let us all pray for all the victims of this natural calamity.

sarah said...

@nurseabie - yep! very true. There's this documentary about the end times, i hope you could look for it in OMF or PCBS :)

@dhodong - not familiar with the gregorian calendar but have watched 2012. i think i'm gonna research on that thing. thanks for the heads up! :)

@edad50 - true! as I was watching the news, it was like in the movies..