Friday, December 17, 2010

DESPICABLE ME: Despicably Funny Movie

It was so funny I found myself going back to a number of scenes! Ok, I'm sharing....The pyramid of giza was stolen (can you believe it?!hahahah) by a new villain which made Grue (the super villain) upset that he planned to take the moon. For him to do that, he first needs to steal the shrinking ray. Together with his minions, he then executed the plan. Unfortunately, a little slip and the gadget was taken from him by, guess what, his arch enemy Vector, the totally nerd slash loser looking guy which he later on realized the one who stole the pyramid.

In the midst of his unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the shrinking ray, he saw 3 orphan girls selling cookies which were welcomed in Vector's place. "Lightbulb!Lightbulb!" this were his words after giving a devilish smile. He then went to the orphanage to adopt the kids to use them to get the ray.

And so, the plan eventually worked, he got the gadget and then goes on to scheduling on how to take the moon. But as he was in this process, he was also forced to father the girls-taking them to the dance class, buying them toys, reading them stories, etc-thus making him feel appreciated for the first time.

Conflict began when the scheduled moon taking clashed with the dance recital of the kids. What would he choose-setting off his evil plan of taking the moon...or going to the recital to be their father?

I think, I'm gonna have to end my story here for you to watch it for yourselves and have a great laugh. cheers!

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Clariss said...

wasnt able to finish that huhuhu :( but swear! it's funny!