Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Philippine Teams That Conquered The World

For years, the Philippines have been trying to shoot some stars in the sports field. Because of hard core training, team work, patience and persistence, we finally hit the spot. Thanks to the determination of The Philippine Azkals Team and The Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team for persevering and winning games outside the country. 

The Philipine Azkals' fame started when they defeated Vietnam in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. The score then was 2-0. Hurray for the Azkals! This became their ticket to be recognized in football field. Well, some of them even made it to showbiz. 

The Philippine Volcanoes on the other hand has been participating in the Asian 5 Nations tournament for the past years. They weren’t recognized until this year, because of their controversial billboard. 

Filipinos have been so supportive since then. Everywhere their idols go, media members, fans, and advertisers go with them. The support of even the government (even though it’s only after the recognition) was just superb. I bet if there will be available promotional coupons and discount vouchers, it will be sold in just one day!

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