Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People are watching you

"Whether you like it or not, people are watching you, and it's essential that you live your life thinking about how it will affect them."

I got this text message yesterday from a Christian friend. I was smacked by the honesty of the note. Being such a natural, we people love to jerk around not minding what others would feel or say. Of course we have our best reasons to say, "Hey, this is my life. I don't care what I do as long as I don't hurt you." Yes, you got your point there, but the fact that HOW you live your life really DOES affect the people around you especially those who love, care for, and look up to you.

One good example I can share is one of my honest mistakes. Being new in my relationship with my fiancé, I was too excited to publish our pictures together on my facebook. I was dumbstruck when the fiancé told me that his church elder informed him that our pictures (me hugging him) was too intimate. At first really I didn't know what to say until I asked my mom and my brother to look at the pics and tell me honestly of their opinion. And so they did. I was ashamed of myself not knowing this, because for me, it's just natural. Until, I talked to my church counselor and she said the same thing and then explained to me that other young people are looking at me. I ran through the pics again and decided to delete the said images.

Weeks later, my counselor said the the pictures are safe thus giving me and my beau a heads up to be always aware of how we act, what we say, post and do. Realizing that other people are looking at us as examples.

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