Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cebu Pacific Promo 2011

I haven't availed of the piso fare from Cebu Pacific but still  managed to book a flight for the BF flying from cebu to manila on April. I was really excited to get the promo fare for half its original prize but unfortunately the return options are already sold out so I have no choice but to for the go lite fare
 which also helped as I was discounted a hundred pesos (2.5USD).

Then, just today when I visited the site again, I was really surprised some flights opened again for the promos this summer! Check the the Cebu Pacific site for more details


nash :-) said...

I also heard about the promo of Cebu Pacific this morning...kaso lang ubos na ang seats going to Bora :-( ang bilis parang hot cake

Sherry said...

Hi Sarah! Been a while ano? Miss na rin kita ah! Musta na?

Uy kami naman ng fam will fly from Manila to Cebu this weekend. Sana di maulan :)

Pinx said...

too bad, i can't fly this time... hahayyy... hey, i have an award for you! check out my blog sis!

sarah said...

@nash-super kainis ang CP.
@sherry-woww!!! san sa cebu?
@pinx- I got an award?!!!!weeeeh! super thanks girl :)