Friday, February 4, 2011


Working at home is a lot tiring than you can imagine. Getting up in the morning, I feel anxious on the things I have to finish that day. I sometimes eat my breakfast while thinking of what to cook for lunch. And since I am in that momentum, I grab my cooking tools and take on whatever is inside the fridge – well, actually it was always chicken, fish, chicken, fish, and mostly chicken! I have tried different techniques and styles just to have a variety on our plate and am still on the look out for more. The
younger brother loves grilled fish, oh how I wish we have this propane grilling with bronze burners to speed up my cooking time and improve the taste of my meals. I saw online that they cut the price that's why I'm so excited to purchase one.

On special occasions like the birthdays, Christmases and New Years almost all the special kitchen utensils are well prepared and used for the big event. One of those is the blue polka dot dinnerware to add some fun and color on the dining table. I saw on that each piece is handpainted and that others are uniquely made. How cool is that!

Part of my duty as sister slash mother is to go shopping for our groceries. Whenever I go to this particular mall, I usually get pass this wine store. It sometimes catches my attention of people who goes there to buy one and then the girl on the counter would encourage them to also avail of the #5 rubber stopper wine bottle. I would always wonder what it was it was for and then the girl would add that it would help to keep the wine fresh by keeping the oxygen out for a number of days thus enhancing their cocktail experience. Wow, I thought it was only in the movies! 

Anyways, I realized I had to pick up stuffs to fill my basket because I really need to be at home to do other errands as well. 

Before I hit the publish button, I just want to thank God for giving me such abilities of doing two, three, four tasks everyday at the same time. I don’t exactly know, but one thing’s for sure, only us girls has this super multitasking abilities. Who says we can’t be super girls?


goldi said...

Agree on the multitasking ability of supergirls! LoL!

Work at home ka din? I am too :)

goldi said...

In response to your comment in my blog--yep! I'm a virtual assistant din :D. Katuwa naman ^_^.

Ala kang tagboard, dun sana ko mag-iiwan ng message pero ayos lang naman dito :).

God bless!

sarah said...

hahaay! apir tau jan!