Monday, March 21, 2011

AVIDA TOWERS CENTERA’s 3D Street Painting Festival

Last March 16, I tried passing my sites to this person who needs bloggers to cover their 3D Street Painting Festival which was held on the 18-19th of the same month. I was really surprised that my art blog was chosen for the event.

Together with a fellow blogger and a dear friend, we went there not knowing what to expect and what to do. With our camera’s at hand, we entered the open gate and after minutes of taking pictures, Clarissa and I went to the media booth to register. Mr. Chris Cahilig, the managing director of Chris Cahilig Consultancy and the organizer of the event welcomed us with great smile. 

Roaming around the pavement paintings, it was really impressive to see the Filipino artists exert their talents in brush. 

After some time, other bloggers and members of the media started to come.

At around 10am, Mr. Cahilig gathered everyone and announced the winners of the competition. Guess who won? My alma mater, Polytechnic University of the Philippines! *confetti!* With Php 75,000 + a trophy, I can say that it was all worth the effort and almost 24 hours of painting.

You can see some of the artworks in my artscapades.

Since this is our first time to be invited to a blogger event, my friend and I were really thrilled. The organizers gave us an electronic gift certificate worth of P2, 000. Thank you Avida and CCC. We hope for more events to come. We had much fun!


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Carl said...

Nice coverage Sarah,

I would like to share my interview with the winners