Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A few months from now and it’s time to hit school again! Both parents and kids are already preparing for the big day. Families would go shopping for new uniforms, bags, books, and so on while others would simply compile the unused notebook pages and stitch the side to hold it together.

I remember back in the days when I was just a kid. I would often see my classmates with their big and small duffle bags full of new school supplies. Sometimes other kids would parade their personalized kid’s backpacks with different colors from lime, pink, yellow, green and other combinations. Opening the bags, new notebooks, pencils, crayons and stuffs would catch your attention.

One time I was so blessed to have my aunt gave me a new pencil case that when opened gives you a two-storey case design. So proud to have a unique holder, I showed it off to my classmates. Wide-eyed, the pupils would wonder on such thingamajig.
Not only the kids stuffs are new but also the teachers. Subjects upgrade to another level and students adjust how they will be treated by their new educator, hoping that she would treat them with kindness and love. 

I also recall the times when I see how the custodians take very good care of our school grounds; cutting off the unnecessary grass, shaping and watering the plants to keep the campus not only vibrant but clean. I hope we had the same as the Dallas lawn service to keep the weeds out of the school yard easily.

I miss those days. The P.E., the field trips, the times that I enjoyed listing down the noisy students and making my teachers happy by completing the assignments and perfecting the tests.
I promise myself that I would go back to my Alma mater again, not as a student but as a teacher.              

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Lady Lyn said...

I totally miss school days except for preparing for exams and the like. I just want being with my old friends.