Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Love You Momma

Tomorrow is celebration of mother's day.

I don't have much to offer mom right now but tomorrow, she and the brother will have a date at the mall. I already handed her a gift certificate so she could buy a pair of sandals. I hope with this, she'll be able to find out something of worth and beautiful for herself.

I...I meant we (with my brother), thanks momma for being so strong for the whole family. Through the good and bad she has been there guiding and walking with us through and through. I remember the times when we were really struggling financially and her month's salary only costs a thousand pesos. Whew! We would find ourselves taking coke bottles to sari-sari stores and asking them for the deposit (each deposited bottle costs 5php) so we will have something to eat.

I also remember when I was in high school. We would go together but realizing the fare is not enough to pay for the two of us, she decides to walk from where she alighted to our school. Believe me, that's a long walk. Thank God He did not allow her to be late for her class (she's a teacher).

The times when I really cannot find a job then she would hand me a bill or so to support myself..I remember her embracing me for the wrong things I've done..

I thank God she is my Momma. I thank God for letting me see Jesus Christ through her...That unconditional love..

Israel and I loves you Momma. Happy Mother's Day!

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newstartleah said...

Happy Mom's day!! :)