Saturday, February 11, 2012

A New Vision This Valentine's Season

A few days from now and it's Valentine's day. Nothing can beat the sweetness of roses and chocolates. I would love that too. But since I am a practical person, I would want a more lasting gift. Something that I can use everyday. That will really mean much.

Reil knows that I need a pair of glasses. I've been working all day in front of my laptop so my eyes really get abused.

Searching over the net, I stumbled upon Zenni Optical  and found a $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. Very affordable! They have lots of cute and simple glasses to which you can choose from according to:
  • Price - ranging from $6 - $46
  • Prescription type
    • Single vision
    • Bifocal
    • Progressive
  • Gender
  • Type
    • Full-rim
    • Half-rim
    • Rimless
    • Sunshade
    • Goggles
  • Style
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
The affordability doesn't compromise the quality of the product. I mean, the #1 online glasses store gives priority to the wearer.

I've chosen one gorgeous design from them. The style is well-designed. The look, perfect for the shape of my face. And it costs only $19. :)

All I can say is, Zenni Optical can really provide you with a perfect gift for this season. Give your partner some love. Give her Valentine’s Day glasses

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