Tuesday, October 26, 2010


SARAH is trying to rearrange her life, define her goals and think of ways how to improve herself to be a -not so perfect but blameless - counselor. She realized that even if God leads her to other church in the future, she will still be what He wants her to be, from the training she have acquired in SBC Makati/JIVE to the things that time has taught her. She may have lots of mistakes that other people might and will throw her, but she will be strong enough to answer them that she is TRYING and DOING everything to make up for those sinful times. She loves God so much to let herself dwell on her past mistakes and tire herself of thinking shoulda-woulda-coulda's. She will be happy nomatter what. She will get back up again. Even if she has fallen seven times, she is stubborn enough to take that leap for the 8th time. She has this one motto "Things will be different tomorrow." And even if it doesn't change, she still hopes that there is another day after tomorrow where situations for her will take it's toll. God is GOOD ALL THE TIME. HE WILL NOT FORGET HER.Period

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