Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today, Find a Job! Tomorrow, the World!

Three weeks ago, I went to a job hunt at  Scope Works Asia. Together with a friend, we  decided to take the chance to be a scopist or a conversion agent in the said company. At the reception area, we waited from 1pm up to 3pm for us to be interviewed. After the question and answer part, we were asked to go to 20th floor of the building because that's where we will take our exam. I, together with another examinee, took the exam. I was looking for my friend but I assumed that she was taking the test on the other room. After the 1st and 2nd set of exams, the other applicant was asked to wait outside, leaving me to finish the 3rd test - the typing speed assessment. The thing I love about this exam was all I have to do is listen to an audio and type what she/he has to say. Very easy? Yes. But you have to have typing skills to do so. I was shocked when the voice stopped and the evaluation popped up on the screen. I got a rating of 98%, with less mistake plus the speed. Wow!

After the examination, I was interviewed again and was advised to wait for a call. Honestly, I wasn't really hoping for a call, but I was surprised to receive a text message yesterday that I am scheduled for a job interview TODAY.

No definite time was indicated on the message so I chose to go there at around 1pm for me not to wait hours again like before. Another reason is that I feel I'm not in the mood to go there. Talked to my beau about this and he encouraged me to just try because this is an opportunity knowing that I have been praying hard enough for 3 months to have a job again.

On my way, Scope Works Asia's HR department called me and asked if I was already employed. I said no and added that I am on  my way there for a job interview. I found it a bit weird that she called me but it boosted my energy that I really have to give this a shot. Arriving there, the guard recognized me, which is cool, I didn't wait long.

I wasn't interviewed like what they texted me. The HR personnel gave me a 10-page examination assessing my language skills. I took the test for one and a half hours and was informed to wait for the result tomorrow. For the meantime, she asked me to prepared the necessary papers needed for employment.

I was really glad knowing that God has put me to this, even if I didn't like it at first, still He made His way miraculously in answering my prayers. I love you God. Amen.


♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

Hello! I have an award for you!! Pls check out my blog for more info. Congratulations! :)

♥shybutterfly♥ said...

wow! new job na ba yan? congrats sarj!!! keep blessing God! and... keep posting on your blog ha?:)

sarah said...

wow! thanks jenpaul!

shybutterfly, thank you..a bit busy lang kaya MIA but will do keep up with blogging =)