Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm gonna be a teacher goal #1: Inquiring to continue my studies

Last 2006, I attended and completed 12 teaching units at University of Makati  but wasn't able to continue due to other big plans that came. This week, I took time to think things over, on what do I really want in my life, where do I want to be 5 years from now considering all the experiences and trainings I've gone through over the past years. Being an I.T. instructor in my previous work, I do really enjoy teaching and sharing my thoughts and knowledge with my students. I feel fulfilled at the end of the day. And when graduation comes, my heart bursts with so much joy when my trainees show how much they appreciate me being their trainer.

So, I came to my resolve that I will continue my Certificate in Teaching Program to be able to take a licensure exam and be a certified teacher! I went to the same university yesterday to inquire if they will credit the 12 units I have finished 3 years ago. I was very thankful when I got to talk to the dean, which happened to be my former professor, and she told me what to do and my units will be credited when I take the LET examination. Yehey! She then gave me the list of subjects I should take and as I was writing down, I was very happy with my schedule for I only have to go to school on saturdays from 7am to 7pm.

Now, this is the situation. The last time was easy for me since the tuition fee then was Php1,500. I was shocked when I learned that today's tuition costs 500 per unit meaning I have to pay Php 6,000 each semester. Where will I get that resource?

I prayed real hard. I talked to Mama when she got home. She listened. I was expecting the worst yet hopeful. She told me that she'll lend me that amount for my tuition. Wow! Thank God.

I am really excited to enroll on Saturday. Beau's willing to help me with my other finances too. I will take this seriously and finish the program. I WILL BE A TEACHER!


Wrigley said...

visiting you here :)

sarah said...

thanks wrigley =)

lynn said...

Congratulations and may God bless you. Teaching is a noble profession. The teacher's job is to impart not only knowledge to his/her students. The most important task of a teacher is to inculcate in each child the right values so that the child will have a meaningful life in the future.