Thursday, December 2, 2010

FIREPROOF: Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Having had bad days and frustrations over the past days, my heart cries out for some encouragement. I was browsing through the tv channels when my attention was caught by HBO's next movie on the line up entitled "FIREPROOF". At first, I was second guessing if that's the movie I have watched at the church for about a year now. Checked it out and I was right!

The first line of the main character made a great impact on me. "Never leave your partner especially in a fire."..Well, for starters, this movie is about a couple struggling to keep their marriage bonds intact for years but to no avail. Until the wife decides to push for divorse. Husband was persuaded by his father to give it 40 days before agreeing to her partners decision. He was given a love diary with 40 days on how to woo her wife back-from giving her flowers to fixing her coffee. It was on the process that he realized that He just cannot give his wife something he doesn't have-LOVE. He must first come into receiving God, accepting His forgiveness and understand that He has been loved unconditionally in the midst of his stubborness.

Grasping the full scope of his commitment with his wife and God, he then continues to do the 40-day challenge and still does it even though the list ended. Until he won her back, and his acts made way for her wife to receive Christ too.

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