Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I was flooded with I LOVE YOU’s

God has given me such a sweet and thoughtful BF.  It became his habit to send me texts messages telling how much he loves me. He does this even if he is busy in his work. Sometimes, he calls to ask if I am okay or just to let me hear again those 3 words.

One night, I again received an I LOVE YOU message and so I replied. I immediately received a response text. Anticipating that it was something else like maybe about his day went or something, it was the phrase again. And so my phone just keeps on beeping with what else? I LOVE YOU mahal (love).

I checked the inbox record to see if it was just a network error but the messages have arrived in succeeding time stamps. Beau flooded me with I love you’s! Well, what kind of woman wouldn’t fall in love with that kind of man?


goldi said...

Awww.. that's sooo sweet sis :). There's really no regret and your feet will always be swept, when it's God who writes our love story. You're truly blessed. God bless you more!

I added this blog too in my blogroll. Thanks for the visit and for commenting.

sarah said...

thanks girl... hihihihi.:)

ric said...

awww.. How sweet naman ni kuya reil.. :)

God bless your love life with kuya.!

Don't forget to invite me in your wedding day ah? :)

sarah said...

hahay demcie. anu yan..hahahaaa. :D