Friday, February 18, 2011


Today, I was really, really, really, really, and really surprised when checking my email, found out that Mr. Google Adsense approved my account. Whew! It took me months to get it done with and now, here it is. When I was new in blogging, mentors really advised me to apply for this account to earn additional profits. And so I did. But it was denied for about a gazillion times until I cannot access my account anymore. So what I did was create a new account. For months I thought my blogs will not be approved for adsense. Then one day, one of my blogger mentors taught me to use SEO friendly template and remove my other sidebar gadgets that links outside the page because Mr. Google doesn’t want to see your page as a link farm. I did everything she told me. And now, this very day, I got my Adsense approved!

I have been praying for this for days and then, when I wasn’t expecting it the Lord surprised me. Thank you, God.

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Lui said...

Congrats on being approved. You're right its a bit hard now to be approved. Thankfully, when I applied for an account years ago, it was fast enough. And I also did what you did. My sidebars were clean and not much links on the sites so I guess that's why..

Thanks for advertising on my Entrecard =) Enjoy the rest of the week