Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last Valentine’s, the day started with a very tragic sight as I witness the family cat fight for its life when a pickup truck hit it twice-first in the head then the body. It was so heart crushing.  I then texted the brother and my mom of what happened. I cannot help but cry. I even called beau to just give me some comfort on that very minute. It was just that morning when I went at the rooftop with all of our pets then suddenly this occurred.
The next part of the day came about when a dear friend texted me for a food trip date. Missing their company and how I felt at that moment, I need to escape the sadness so I immediately obliged. A few minutes after that I received a call from the BFF asking if I we can meet up after their office hours to be a shoulder for our broken hearted friend. At first I wasn’t sure of the latter part but after some time I agreed.
So, after working on some V.A. tasks, I took the shower and excitedly headed at the meeting place for my first date. So happy to see my old friends and know what is new in their lives, businesses, works, and families. There are two phrases to be remembered when I am with these people. A full stomach and laugh lines. After the dinner, I thought we were going home but surprisingly, the group decided to have ice cream. It was my first time to eat a heart shaped ice cream on stick so I took lots of pictures for remembrance. Hahhaha

It was past 7pm when I told the group that I have to for my second date. The BFF is already at the park so I hurried up knowing that she has no patience in waiting. (shhhh.. ). I also texted the other friend if she’s already there too but after a couple of messages I sent, there were no replies. Anyway, it was timing to see that we are both late. (what’s new?!) And so, this second date was a bit of a ladies’ fellowship; crying, pouring of innermost girl feelings, love lives, etc.
At about past 9pm, we decided to separate ways. Walking home, I called the BF to see how his valentine’s went but he surprised me with sad news that his cousin just passed away. Oh no! Another loss?!  I don’t know how many losses I can contain for a day so I took a deep sigh and breathed a prayer. I don’t want to cry. I will not cry, not this time for beau needs me.
When I reached my room, I closed my eyes to talk to God, thanked Him for the day that apart from these situations, He made me smile. Following up with a request to give beau’s family the comfort that they need and mending a friend’s broken heart.
Lord, this valentine may be the oddest valentine I had but then again, I thank You and I praise You. Amen. 

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