Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Ministry Opportunity

Last Sunday, Brent Longenecker, a missionary from the U.S. held a seminar/worshop for the new ministry opportunity that is planned to go on every Saturdays. This activity will focus on every children in the streets, teaching them about God's love, sharing them the gospel.

The JIVE Youth Group (Jesus' Inspired Valuing Eternity) was so excited! Even I don't know that there are certain techniques to keep the children's attention in what you are teaching.

The pictures you can see here are the ones taken when Brent was showing us how to draw the alphabet using paint brush. You might think it is easy but it has a "cool technique" that should be applied so the kids will also think what it is.


After the letters, Brent showed us how to draw people. We have to know this because as we tell kids stories in the Bible, we can show them illustrations and give them a clue of how the story happend.

I hope and pray that more and more kids will know about how God's love saved us.

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rjs mama said...

it is very important to teach kids about God early in their life =)

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