Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 Days Without a Mother

It was planned a long time ago. Mom would go to Baguio for a vacay trip with her friends. I wasn't worried at all knowing I had been left alone before. That was what I thought until last Friday when I saw my mom pack her things. I felt a sudden kick of agitation. "I will be home alone!" Well, not really. I got 3 cats and a canine with me. I texted the BFF if she could come over and sleep for the night but there were no replies. My mind was in panic mode already. Argh!

I tried focusing on my VA tasks when I heard someone calling outside. It's BFF! Yehey! I felt sooo relieved!

After some time, mother bid goodbye and Me-an and I were left to have a tête-à-tête. Soon it was Saturday. Was really thankful the she stayed until the afternoon.

That night, I wasn't feeling that worried at all. I guess I just have to adjust living alone for a while. :)
Yesterday, I was really excited knowing that mom will come home. But I received a text message that they will extend their stay in Baguio for another day. Good thing was the brother came home from his climbing activity in Mt. Samat. Yey!

This morning, as I was cleaning the house, I was really surprised to see mama at the gate. I jumped to my feet (literally), opened the gate and hugged her tightly. I miss my mom! :)

Welcome back Mama!

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